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New D:Fuse Wet 2 Dry Styling Iron

14 February 2007

Need to get ready in a hurry? Cut out the blow-drying and save time with the New D:Fuse Wet 2 Dry Iron! Create soft, silky, healthy hair with the D:Fuse Wet 2 Dry Iron, the next generation of hair beauty styling enhanced through tourmaline-ceramic, the latest technology for hairstyling.

From the moment you begin, wet to dry hair styling you will help to retain your hair’s moisture by locking in the natural oils. The air holes, incorporated into the tourmaline plates, act as ventilation to let the steam out and enabling you to achieve sleek, glossy locks with no damage to your hair.

With six heat controls in traffic light colours for easy recognition – Amber is lower, Green for medium heat, Red for higher heat - the iron heats from 100 to 200 degrees centigrade. Simply push the button to select your desired heat, finer/coloured hair should select the lower temperature and thicker/coarser hair a higher heat.

With the busy user in mind, the D:Fuse Wet 2 Dry Iron also has an automatic switch off after 30 minutes when not in use (saving the ‘did I, didn’t I’ conversation on the way to work!). The free funky thermal pouch will help to store your irons and the dual plug for UK and International usage, mean you can take it on your travels with no adapter required.

The new tourmaline- ceramic technology behind the Wet 2 Dry Iron really makes D:Fuse stand out from the pack. Blow-drying your hair opens up your hair cuticles, causing hair to dehydrate and be more prone to breakage. Tourmaline technology generates up to six times more negative ions, ensuring the cuticle lies flat, which helps to seal in the hair’s natural moisture, oils and colour plus leave your hair static and frizz free. It’s the new way forward in styling.

To Use: Towel dry hair, comb through, apply your chosen heat protector product (we recommend Joico Silk Result Thermal Smoother, rrp £12.95) and section hair. Place iron at root of hair and in smooth, slow movement, glide the iron down the hair. Move onto the next section and leave previous section to cool but you can return to the section if still damp. Don’t forget, D:Fuse Wet 2 Dry can be used on either wet or dry hair. On dry hair, use iron exactly the same way!

With two additional tourmaline-ceramic styling irons also available – the Tourmaline-Ceramic Styling Iron (rrp £79.95), the Travel Irons with Retractable Blades (£49.95) and the Hotshot Wide Plated Styling Iron (rrp £135) – sleek, shiny and static free hair is yours in an instant. D:Fuse also offers a full range of tourmaline-ceramic brushes including four barrel brushes starting at £11.95 and two paddle brushes starting at £10.95.

D:Fuse Wet 2 Dry Iron is priced at £120 and is available through hair salons nationwide. Fudge D:Fuse Tourmaline Straightener Professional 1 Fudge D:Fuse Tourmaline Straightener Professional 1.D:fuse Tourmaline Straightening Iron by Fudge

Create Soft Curls & Shiny waves with the new D:fuse Tourmaline Iron. This new technology allows you to straighten hair or create contemporary curls easily.

Create amazing volume & separate hair without the use of brushes.

D:Fuse Tourmaline Straightening Irons maintain a constant heat throughout styling including a VARIABLE temperature control from 120 -200 C

Floating 1" plates with Ceramic Heater and an Ergonomic handle with non slip tip

This product comes with a 12 month warranty

NEW D:Fuse

Experience the latest tourmaline ceramic technology styling tool and brushes! The D:Fuse styling tool is available in three styles: the original D:Fuse tourmaline styling tool, the Wet to Dry styling tool and Travel styling tool. No matter what you chose, you can easily recreate a silky smooth finish, waves, flicks, and curls - all with a static free finish. The six tourmaline brushes retain heat from the hairdryer, eliminates static and leaves hair soft and smooth

Bella asks....

I have thick brown hair that I recently dyed. My hair is curly in some places, then wavy in others, but it is always such a frizzy > undefined mess! What should I do?

Answer by: Dawn Cooper

If you have used a home hair colour, it may be that your hair needs some extra moisture - use a deep conditioning treatment such as the Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator (stockist 01282 683100) at least twice a week to give it some much needed moisture and help to prevent the frizz. You could also look into having some layers cut into your style, which will not only help with the thickness of the style but enable you to style the hair more easily. You can either decide to work with the curls and use irons (D:Fuse is the latest range and are fantastic - stockist 01282 683100) to create more curls or if you want the waves, then use the irons to smooth out the curls into waves.

 L’evoluzione nel campo delle piastre per capelli è stata enorme in questi ultimi anni; dalle piastre in metallo si è passati a quelle in ceramica, infine a quelle rivestite in ceramica che creano IONI negativi e lasciano i capelli bene idratati e lucidi, non li seccano e, quindi, li proteggono nelle giornate umide.

L’ultima evoluzione è quella delle piastre professionali rivestite BIO-STONE , + Ceramica + Tourmaline e Generatore di IONI, resistenze agli infrarossi, con regolatore di temperatura digitale, per adattarle ai capelli tinti o decolorati, (D:fuse pistre in BIO-STONE).

Il potere degli ioni negativi

Gli ioni negativi (ovvero atomi che hanno acquisito un elettrone) sono considerati vere e proprie vitamine per l’aria; garantiscono un ambiente più sano e influiscono positivamente sul nostro livello di energia e sul nostro benessere. Ed è proprio per questi effetti benefici che sono stati utilizzati nei purificatori d’aria: riescono ad isolare le impurità - tra cui polvere, fumo e inquinamento - e rendono l’atmosfera più sana e bilanciata.

L’innovativa tecnologia delle piastre D:fuse in BIO-STONE sfrutta le proprietà ed il potere di questa nuova pietra, (Germicida , fungicida, stimolatore del ricambio cellulare) degli ioni negativi per la cura dei capelli: milioni di ioni negativi trasformano le molecole d’acqua in micro particelle che, rimpicciolite e purificate, penetrano all’interno del capello in modo più efficace, migliorano la sua idratazione, lo riempiono ed aiutano a chiudere la cuticola, mentre la BIO-STONE igienizza l’intera capigliatura.



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